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Technical Writer

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What does a technical writer do?

Technical writers develop product manuals, how-to guides, website help sections, journal articles, and other content that distills technical information.

What do I need to get a technical writer job?

Towson University offers a Master’s degree in Professional Writing with a track in technical writing.

HCC’s AA degree in English provides the first two years of a Bachelor degree in English.  Students may transfer to a 4-year school to complete a Bachelor’s degree, then move into the MS program at Towson.

What is the median salary of a technical writer?

Information Technology Careers
1. Stock/Office Clerk
2. Data Entry Keyer
3. Support Specialist Level 1
4. IT Internships
5. Computer Repair Technician
6. Support Specialist Level 2-3
7. Support Manager
8. Web Developer
9. Programmer (Jr.)
10. QA Tester (Jr.)
11. Database Administrator Intern
12. Network/Systems Analyst
13. Network/Systems Administrator
14. Network Architect
15. Information Systems Manager
16. Technical Writer
17. Programmer
18. QA Analyst/Tester
19. Database Administrator
20. Systems Software Developer
21. Applications Developer
22. Cyber-Security Analyst
23. Cyber-Security Intern
24. Network/Systems Intern
25. Network/Systems Administrator Intern
26. Network Support Specialist
27. Training Specialist
28. Cyber-Security Student Co-op
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