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Network Support Specialist

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What does a network support specialist do?

Network support specialists investigate, test, troubleshoot, and evaluate present network systems, such as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and internet with a wide ranged network system.

What do I need to get a network support specialist job?

HCC – Information Systems Management emphasizes business, organizational and management concepts as well as computer technology skills. Students learn how to analyze, design and implement information systems that will provide managers with the information needed to make operational and strategic decisions for large and small companies. Prepares you for careers in information systems management, system requirements planning, system testing and evaluation.

What is the median salary of a network support specialist?

Where can I go from here?

Information Technology Careers
1. Stock/Office Clerk
2. Data Entry Keyer
3. Support Specialist Level 1
4. IT Internships
5. Computer Repair Technician
6. Support Specialist Level 2-3
7. Support Manager
8. Web Developer
9. Programmer (Jr.)
10. QA Tester (Jr.)
11. Database Administrator Intern
12. Network/Systems Analyst
13. Network/Systems Administrator
14. Network Architect
15. Information Systems Manager
16. Technical Writer
17. Programmer
18. QA Analyst/Tester
19. Database Administrator
20. Systems Software Developer
21. Applications Developer
22. Cyber-Security Analyst
23. Cyber-Security Intern
24. Network/Systems Intern
25. Network/Systems Administrator Intern
26. Network Support Specialist
27. Training Specialist
28. Cyber-Security Student Co-op
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