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Entry-Level Careers in Construction

Basic Trades

Basic trades include electrical, plumbing, carpentry, sheet metal, HVACR, sprinkler-fitter, and pipe-fitter.
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Building Maintenance

Building maintenance technicians fix and maintain properties to ensure they are in the best working condition, as well as perform preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs and downtime.
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Construction Laborer

Construction laborers perform tasks involving physical labor at construction sites.
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Construction Welder

Welders fabricate and assemble metal structures and equipment through the use of welders, cutters, shapers and measuring tools, and produce metal products according to customer or employer specifications.
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Freight, Stock, and Materials Mover (Forklift Operator)

Freight, stock, and materials mover (forklift operator) job responsibilities include unloading materials from incoming vehicles and stacking them to assigned places, as well as locating and moving materials for immediate use on a job site..
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HVACR Technician (Apprentice)

Apprentice HVACR technicians assist HVACR technicians in installing, maintaining, and repairing indoor air quality systems, such as air conditioners.
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Paving/Surfacing Equipment Operator

Paving/surfacing equipment operator responsibilities include operating equipment on job sites to pour concrete, asphalt, or other materials, as well as operating tamping machines and stone spreaders.
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Security Guard

On a construction site, security guards patrol or monitor the premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.
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Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Solar photovoltaic installers assemble, install, and maintain solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures.
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