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Workforce System Five Star Award

Meet the 2022 5-Star Award Winners

Meet the 2021 5-Star Award Winners

Meet the 2020 5-Star Award Winners

What is the Five Star Award?

The Five Star Award is an annual recognition of people who further the mission and vision of the Susquehanna workforce system. We use this award to recognize outstanding members of the workforce system community for their contributions.

Who is eligible?

WIOA partner personnel and leaders in the WIOA partner agencies, businesses who have been instrumental to workforce system success, and other advocates of the system.

What is the criteria?

  1. Businesses: Contributed to increasing access and opportunities for employment, training, education, and support services
  2. Leaders: Collaborated with other WIOA partners
  3. Workforce system employees: Strived to provide a seamless suite of support services to clients to erase lines between agencies

Who makes the nominations?

Nominations can come from anyone in the system. Nominators are asked to nominate people in organizations other than their own.

How will awardees be selected?

All nominees’ supervisors will be notified and the recognition will be discussed in advance to make sure it is congruent with their employment status. We will strive to present as many recognitions as possible.

How will people receive their award?

Awards will be presented via Zoom or other virtual platform in June unless restrictions lift. Physical awards will be mailed to the home or office of the awardee. Awardees will receive a certificate of recognition, a small gift, and will be announced in a region-wide press release.

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