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What does a machinist do?

Machinists set up and operate a variety of computer-controlled and mechanically controlled machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools.

How do I become a Machinist?

These career fields are highly in demand, and highly dependent upon the availability of apprenticeships.  You can enter an apprenticeship program with a high school diploma and in 3-4 years graduate as a fully qualified professional.  Your salary will increase from entry level to mid level as you move forward in your training.  

Careers in these fields can provide opportunities for career advancement through management and quality control positions.

To find manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities in your area visit the Maryland Apprenticeship Locator.  For more information about manufacturing apprenticeships contact the Maryland Apprenticeship Training Program.

How much does a machinist make?

What can I do next?

Manufacturing Careers
1. Shipping & Receiving Clerk
2. Forklift Operator
3. Welder
4. Machine Operator
5. Machinist
6. Packer/Packager
7. Team Assembler
8. Production Helper
9. Maintenance Helper
10. Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerk
11. Tool and Die Maker
12. Applied Engineering Technician
13. CAD Technician
14. Maintenance Mechanic
15. Facility Manager
16. Industrial Machinery Maintenance
17. CAD Designer
18. QC Technician
19. CNC Programmer
20. CNC Operator
21. Shift Supervisor/Team Lead
22. Maintenance Manager
23. General Operations Manager
24. Engineering Manager
25. Engineering Technologist
26. QC Inspector/Tester
27. Engineering Technician
28. QC Manager
29. Production Supervisor
30. Manufacturing Engineer
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