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Physical Therapist

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What does a Physical Therapist do?

A physical therapist treats patients with conditions or injuries that limit their physical abilities and provides rehabilitation treatment tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Physical therapists play an important role in the healthcare system.

What do I need to get a Physical Therapist job?

UM Baltimore offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The prerequisite is a BS degree in any field. 

What is the median salary of a Physical Therapist?

Healthcare Careers
1. Pharmacy Technician
2. Certified Nursing Assistant
3. Emergency Medical Technician
4. Certified Medical Assistant
5. Dental Assistant
6. Medical Administrative Assistant
7. Personal Trainer
8. Physician Professional Coder
9. Physical Therapy Technician
10. Certified Medicine Aide
11. Licensed Practical Nurse
12. Paramedic
13. Medical Insurance Biller
14. Phlebotomist
15. Registered Nurse
16. Physical Therapy Assistant
17. Health Information Technologist
18. Medical Assisting
19. Dental Hygienist
20. Nurse Practitioner
21. Registered Nurse (RN to BSN)
22. Medical/Health Service Manager
23. Physical Therapist
24. Occupational Therapist
25. Dental Hygienist
26. Specialty Pharmacy Technician
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