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Zone-3 Careers in Information Technology

Cyber-Security Intern

A cyber-security intern works closely with IT and cyber-security teams to create operating system patches, create security tools, respond to cyber-security events, remediate cyber-security events, testing and documentation.
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Database Administrator Intern

A database administrator (jr.) is responsible for working with the database administrator (DBA) department to assist in the day-to-day administration, support and ongoing enhancement of databases.
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Network Support Specialist

Network support specialists investigate, test, troubleshoot, and evaluate present network systems, such as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and internet with a wide ranged network system.
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Network/Systems Administrator Intern

Network/systems administrator interns are responsible for a variety of project and support work, such as troubleshooting complex technical issues, administration of various infrastructure-level systems, and automation and efficiency improvements.
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Network/Systems Intern

A Network/systems intern works alongside the network/systems department to provide support services as well as monitor systems and network, data storage, and data protection.
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Programmer (Jr.)

A junior programmer will help write and test code for computer applications and software programs.
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QA Tester (Jr.)

Junior QA testers work alongside other groups to test software and report bugs and help fix the bugs.
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Web Developer

Web developers are information technology (IT) professionals who design, develop, and maintain websites.
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